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Hire Your First VA

Hire Your First VA

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Are you ready to grow your design business but unsure about the hiring process? Look no further! Inside Hire Your First VA digital download we will show you how to work smarter, not harder by outsourcing your day-to-day administrative tasks to a virtual assistant. This toolkit has everything you need to confidently select, hire and train your perfect VA.

What's Inside:

Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant: Being an interior designer, it's often difficult to find an assistant who works remotely.  This training will give you do's and don'ts of hiring a virtual assistant, what tasks can be assigned to your assistant, and how to select the assistant that is right for you and your design firm.  

Ready-to-Use Job Description Templates: Save time and avoid the stress of drafting from scratch. We provide you with templates for:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Business Assistant

No more guesswork! These templates ensure that you communicate roles, responsibilities, Key Performance Indicators, and expectations clearly from the start.

Trial Week Task Board: This is the secret to hiring with success. You will get Trello board filled with daily task ideas you can give to your potential hire so you can do trial work before hiring. This step alone will save you hours of work and hundreds of dollars potentially hiring the wrong person. 

BONUS: Virtual Assistant Offer Agreements

Get two customizable VA Offer Agreements (one for a trial week, and another for an independent contractor agreement) so you can rest assured that your business is protected. Tailor it to your needs and ensure that your new hire starts on the right foot, with both parties fully aligned.

    Why This Package?

    Outsourcing and hiring can be daunting, especially when you're unsure of where to begin or how to articulate what you need. This package is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights, tools, and strategies to make the process seamless. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this guide is the key to unlocking the potential of a robust, dedicated team.

    Empower your business growth, ensure you have the right team behind you, and maintain your sanity in the process. Dive into the Outsourcing & Hiring Procedures digital download today!


    More information about our business courses and templates for interior designers

    Hey there, Design Pro! 👋

    At Fully Booked Designer, we've been the secret sauce behind many big brands, turning clicks into clients with our magic touch. From chic sofas to elegant tiles, we've sold it all! 

    Our signature coaching program Fully Booked Designer has delivered top-tier results for interior design professionals, and now I want to help even more with on-demand courses, digital products, and templates.

    My name is Salimah Mamdani and I am the founder and president of a 7-figure digital marketing agency in Toronto. My company specializes in helping clients get more leads and more revenue. Period.

    With these actionable resources, you are able to upgrade your design business with the professional look it deserves. You can quickly and easily customize our templates to suit your needs. We offer lifetime access to all digital purchases and when we upgrade them, you’ll get access to that as well!

    P.S. Prefer a personal touch? Let’s chat about the Fully Booked Designer Inner Circle;  the only program of its kind that shows interior design professionals how to strategically grow a 6- or 7-figure design business and how to create systems in your business so you can continue to attract new clients every single month.

    Apply to the Fully Booked Designer Inner Circle here: https://fullybookeddesigner.com/call


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