The Profitable Pricing System For Designers

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The Profitable Pricing System For Designers

The Profitable Pricing System For Designers

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Discover the key to profitable pricing with our exclusive digital training bundle tailored for budding and seasoned interior designers. These tools are designed to amplify your earnings and secure the future of your design business.

Pricing & Design Delivery Video Training
Discover the art of maximizing your profitability by pricing your services just right. We guide you through a streamlined process, ensuring your design delivery aligns perfectly with your pricing schedule. This way, your clients won't just see but feel the unmatched value of having you on board.

Pricing Your Services Worksheet
Organize, analyze, and strategize. Our interactive worksheet is your roadmap to understanding the intricacies of your service charges. With this by your side, you'll always be confident that every price point is a reflection of your worth.

Design Fees Calculator
Take the guesswork out of your pricing strategy. With our intuitive design fees calculator, crunching the numbers becomes a breeze. Set your fees with precision, ensuring your talents never go undervalued.

BONUS: Design Services Agreement For Your Client

    Join a community of empowered interior designers who are redefining their worth and securing their futures. Don't just design spaces; design a prosperous career. Invest in the Profitable Pricing System Training for Interior Designers today.


    More information about our business courses and templates for interior designers

    Hey there, Design Pro! 👋

    At Fully Booked Designer, we've been the secret sauce behind many big brands, turning clicks into clients with our magic touch. From chic sofas to elegant tiles, we've sold it all! 

    Our signature coaching program Fully Booked Designer has delivered top-tier results for interior design professionals, and now I want to help even more with on-demand courses, digital products, and templates.

    My name is Salimah Mamdani and I am the founder and president of a 7-figure digital marketing agency in Toronto. My company specializes in helping clients get more leads and more revenue. Period.

    With these actionable resources, you are able to upgrade your design business with the professional look it deserves. You can quickly and easily customize our templates to suit your needs. We offer lifetime access to all digital purchases and when we upgrade them, you’ll get access to that as well!

    P.S. Prefer a personal touch? Let’s chat about the Fully Booked Designer Inner Circle;  the only program of its kind that shows interior design professionals how to strategically grow a 6- or 7-figure design business and how to create systems in your business so you can continue to attract new clients every single month.

    Apply to the Fully Booked Designer Inner Circle here:


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